Gov't sues 'Nap Nanny' maker, creator fires back online

UNDATED - The government has serious safety concerns with a popular infant recliner called the Nap Nanny. The product is blamed for five infant deaths since 2010.

But the maker of the Nap Nanny, a Pennsylvania company known as Baby Matters LLC, refuses to issue a voluntary recall.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is now suing to force Baby Matters to acknowledge the safety risks.

"The complaint alleges that the Nap Nanny Generation One and Two, and Chill model infant recliners contain defects in the design, warnings and instructions, which pose a substantial risk of injury and death to infants," the CPSC said on their website.

But the maker of the product disagrees with the complaint and said so in a long statement on the product's website.

"We do not believe the complaint has merit and stand behind the safety of our product when used as instructed," creator Leslie Gudel said in part. "The Nap Nanny should be placed on the floor with the harness secured."