Is it mold? Store says no, pulls baby food anyway

PORTLAND, Ore. - Melissa Watson bought the O Organics beef with beef gravy baby food for her 8-month-old son.

When she opened it up Monday night to feed him, she was so disgusted she couldn't eat dinner herself. She saw what she thought was mold covering the food and the inside of the jar.

"He can't process things the way an adult could," said Watson. "What if it made him ill? And what if I didn't see it? So I wouldn't have known what made him ill."

Watson bought the baby food at a Safeway store in Seaside, Ore. The expiration date on the bottle was July 27, 2015.

KATU called Safeway, which makes the O Organics baby food. A company representative said it is oxidation, not mold, and the baby food is safe to eat. The company said there were a number of bottles affected with that expiration date, and pulled them off store shelves.

State health officials said if it is indeed oxidation, it's no different from fruit turning brown after it's been left out for a while.

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