KATU MEDICAL ALERT: Tips on how to avoid migraines

Migraines can be delibitating, painful and stealing some of your precious personal and professional time away.

KATU reported on a few tips on how to help you prevent and avoid these horrendous headaches.

  • According to plunging blood sugar can trigger a migraine. Make sure you are eating on a regular basis; keep a snack pack of nuts, or dried fruits with you.

  • Think about talking to your health care provider about adding a supplement to your daily routine. For example: Vitamin B2 or magnesium may help.

  • Don't forget to exercise! Keep up with your cardio work out 3 days a week. Build up your routine gradually, doing too much too soon could set off a migraine.

  • If you can, relax! Stress triggers migraines.

  • Rethink your birth control; hormonal fluctuations can trigger the headaches or make them worse.

  • And here's one for the husbands - the "headache excuse" - debunked! Endorphins released during a little "adult time" could actually help squelch migraine symptoms.

Good luck and feel better soon!