Mumps outbreak reported in Marion County; 4 confirmed cases

Mumps virus - MGN online photo

SALEM, Ore. – An outbreak of mumps is hitting Marion County, with four confirmed cases of the infection since the beginning of October.

Marion County Health Department officials said they have eight more suspected mumps cases reported since October 3, including two patients that are related to people with lab confirmation.

The people who contracted mumps didn’t have vaccinations or the MMR booster shot. The age range of those people is one year old to 40 years old.

These are the first cases in Marion County since 2012.

The mumps disease is caused by a virus. Symptoms include a fever, headache and muscle aches, tiredness, and swelling under the ears or jaw. It takes about two weeks to develop the symptoms after being exposed to someone with mumps.

The disease can be spread through coughing or sneezes. Officials said it can be spread two days before signs of the illness show up until five days after the swelling appears.

"The best way you can prevent mumps is to get the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine," says Dr. Karen Landers, Marion County Health Officer.

The routine MMR vaccine starts at around one year of age. It also requires a booster to complete the vaccination.

Landers said that the outbreaks are on the rise around the country in states like Maine, Missouri and Arkansas.

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