Man who nearly died of heroin overdose thanks deputy who saved his life

Kaleb Johnson-Hawney (Still image from video courtesy Clackamas County Sheriff's Office)

A Clackamas County man who nearly died of a heroin overdose is thanking the deputy who saved his life using a NARCAN spray.

Kaleb Johnson-Hawney thanked deputies who responded to a home in Milwaukie back in October, where they found him unresponsive on the garage floor.

He was given two doses of NARCAN, and within minutes, he was breathing again.

"Well, obviously, thank you. I could have died... I might have been dead," Johnson-Hawney said.

"It's pretty amazing. I talked about how in this job, we might save lives every day and never know it. You get a drunk driver off the road, drugs out of someone's pocket... but to know you saved a life is amazing," Deputy Karen Moss said.

Clackamas County deputies began carrying NARCAN kits earlier this year. Since then, they've saved three people overdosing on heroin.

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