Complaints of credit card fraud after attending Providence Park events

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Nick Garner and his girlfriend are sports fans. They love the Thorns and Timbers.

Garner got a picture taken getting a jersey signed at a Thursday event for season ticket holders.

"They provide food," said Garner. "There's a Q & A with the coach, photo ops with the players, autograph sessions, that kind of thing. And I just bought a beer."

Garner bought it with a credit card.

Nick Garner's girlfriend was among dozens of people who posted on Reddit last month, who believed their credit cards had been compromised after being used at Providence Park Timbers and Thorns soccer events.

While Garner and his girlfriend were spending this past weekend on the Oregon Coast, his account was frozen.

Garner's credit card information had been stolen too and someone was using it.

"There were three charges," says Garner. "And the third one they declined because they'd picked up on how it was sort of suspicious activity. They realized I was not actually in Canada."

The Portland Timbers didn't want to comment about what's been done since last month's posts on Reddit.

They released a statement saying, "Based on what we know now, there is full system security in place but we, and our food and beverage partner Centerplate, will be closely monitoring all credit and debit activity at events."

A check of posts on that Reddit page also shows only one recently.

All 57 others are from last month.

Nick Garner says his problem may just be a coincidence, but that's hard for him to believe.

"It seems too much like a coincidence for so many people to be having that issue," said Garner.