Family wants answers about man who died working inside Portland strip club

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Bob Caron's daughter says he was in good shape, especially at 71 years old.

"He was in very good health, yes," says Susan Baldwin, Caron's daughter. "Very good health, yes."

His health was so good, Bob Caron was still working as an electrician. But he wasn't just any electrician.

Bob Caron was a visiting instructor for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a master electrician and had worked on the Acropolis Steakhouse and Strip Club's wiring for 20 years.

All that makes his death Sunday inside a small crawl space in the ceiling of the Acropolis hard for Susan Baldwin to understand.

The medical examiner hasn't determined how Caron died.

From what she's been told, Susan Baldwin believes it was from hours of electrical shock.

"Well we know that he was electrocuted by the system," says Baldwin. "And it's kind of amazing that he, that the electricity would be live, for him to get electrocuted."

Caron left to do electrical work at the Acropolis at 9 a.m. Sunday.

The club opened at 11 a.m.

Caron was missing for nine hours when workers at the Acropolis noticed his car was still in the parking lot.

Caron's work bag and electrical testing device were left near an electrical panel. They looked where Caron was supposed to be working in the crawlspace and found his body.

"I want to know how a 50-year master electrician could electrocute himself," says Baldwin. "He would have had to shut the service. His tools were right there. The tester was right there near the box. So, it doesn't make sense. This was totally unexpected and it's a tragedy and I just want answers."

Staff at the Acropolis Thursday night said the club had no comment on Bob Caron's death or on the investigation into how he died.