100 years of voting: Women's Suffrage in Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. -- This year's election marks a historic milestone for women all over the state.

On November 5th, exactly 100 years ago women won the right to vote in Oregon.

After five previous ballot losses, the 19th amendment was passed by 52 percent of Oregon men voting in favor of women's suffrage.

For many women today, the importance of that struggle will never be forgotten.

"In my generation we grew up with the idea that as females, we can do and be anything that we want as long as we put forth the effort." said Eugene-resident Emily Ridley.

After 100 years, Oregonians choose to honor the efforts of the suffragists by exercising their right to vote on election day.

"Really all the women who did the work behind making it happen were really courageous, amazing women." said Oregon voter Paul Barnet.

There are numerous events around the state celebrating a women's right to vote, including screenings, exhibits and lectures.

A town hall debate honoring suffragists was held in Downtown Eugene on Monday night, presented by the Lane County Historical Society.