13 arrested during #NotMyPresidentsDay protest in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland Police arrested 13 people on Monday during “Not My President’s Day" protests in the downtown area.

The protest started as a peaceful gathering outside the Federal Building on SW. 3rd Avenue, in part led by the group Don’t Shoot PDX. Organizers said they planned a peaceful protest and did not get a permit from the city.

The demonstration took a turn when some protesters started to block traffic on 3rd Avenue.

After ordering the group to clear the roadway, officers on bicycles started directing people to the sidewalks. Portland Police’s Rapid Response Team arrived in riot gear to clear the avenue for traffic.

The Portland Police Bureau says they arrested 13 protesters who ignored orders to get back on the sidewalk clear the road for traffic.

  • Margaret Zebroski, 66, for second-degree disorderly conduct
  • Heather White, 42, for second-degree disorderly conduct
  • David Carlson, 31, for second-degree disorderly conduct
  • Charles Stubbs, 38, for second-degree disorderly conduct
  • John Doe (booked as Quanice Hayes), 37, for second-degree disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and furnishing false information to police.
  • Lucy Smith, 34, for second-degree disorderly conduct
  • Rebecca Smith-White, 33, for second-degree disorderly conduct
  • A 14-year-old, three 16-year-olds, and two 17-year-olds were given traffic citations

The group eventually joined a pre-planned, permitted march put on by the AFL-CIO at Director Park that started about noon. They marched for about an hour without incident.

Below is a statement from the Bureau:

Protests generally do not require any permit from the City of Portland; however, any event held in the street and/or sidewalk, such as runs, walks, marches, parades or bicycle races must have a permit granted by the City of Portland. Additionally, event organizers are encouraged to work with the City of Portland to ensure a safe event for participants and non-participants.

Don’t Shoot PDX spokesperson Teressa Raiford tells KATU News she believes protest organizers were targeted.

“I think they just tried to attack me at the Federal Building, and they are attacking other people who are here,” said Raiford. “They are trying to violate our rights. We haven’t done anything considered violent or riotous, but they have riot gear out here.”

The ACLU of Oregon also believes Portland police were out of line in how they responded. It claims officers were simply too forceful in arresting those who were breaking the law.

"Civil disobedience, there's a rich history of that in the United States," said ACLU of Oregon Legal Director Mat dos Santos. "Those are people who are intentionally breaking the law with the hope of getting arrested. What they're not hoping for is to be beaten by the police at the same time."

KATU News reached out to the Oregon Republican Party for a statement on the protests. Here's a response from party spokesperson Kevin Hoar:

Brought to you by the same people who held a Women's March that wasn't about Women, who held peaceful protests against a non-existent Muslim Ban that led to counter protesters getting assaulted, and who rioted and did millions in property damage to throw a fit over a legitimate election result they didn't like – more of the same. Even if the Alt Left and the Democrat Public Officials helping and supporting them never get tired of it, regular Oregonians are. The nation has problems to solve, many of which aren't getting solved right here in Oregon.” – Kevin Hoar, Oregon Republican Party Spokesman
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