2 more women report suspicious man near OMSI

PORTLAND, Ore. - Two more women have come forward to report that they were approached or engaged by a suspicious man near OMSI.

OMSI said it is stepping up security and security officers will be on duty 24 hours a day at least through the weekend.

Police said the man is driving a dark van with the word "SECURITY" taped to the side.

Police said the man grabbed a woman at OMSI and started kissing her Saturday, July 12. She got away. Then on Monday, just a few blocks away, near Milwaukie Avenue and Clinton, a second woman said a man driving the van approached her and tried to get her to turn down a side street. On Wednesday, construction workers in the same area spotted the van.

The two new reports came after initial media reports on Wednesday.

A woman was leaving work at OMSI at about 7 p.m. Saturday, July 12 when she said she saw the van parked in the OMSI lot and the man lingering near it. The woman told police he looked like a security guard but she was certain he did not work at OMSI.

She told police the man started "hitting on" her. The woman kept walking, and the man did not follow her.

The other incident happened about two hours later. A woman told police she was driving on Milwaukie Avenue, and when she stopped in the left turn lane to turn onto Powell Boulevard, the man pulled up alongside her and asked if she was interested in "hooking up."

The woman said she politely declined and drove away after the light turned green.

Police said the man has been described as an African American male, between 30 and 40 years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, medium build, close-cut or shaved head and a goatee. He has a round face, sideburns and very white teeth. He was wearing a dark uniform or navy blue button down shirt with a white T-shirt and a light yellow or green safety vest.

Anyone seeing this vehicle or with information about the suspect is asked to call the police non-emergency line at (503) 823-3333. Anyone personally encountering the suspect should immediately call 9-1-1.

KATU's Emily Sinovic contributed to this story.