Celebrating 5 years of the Portland Film Festival

Celebrating 5 years of the Portland Film Festival

Whether you love being behind the camera or in front of it, head to the 5th Annual Portland Film Festival.

Executive Director Joshua Leake says it's a festival made by filmmakers, for filmmakers. They screen 185 films from Portland and around the world at the historic Laurelhurst Theater.

But you won't just be sitting in a movie theater seat. There are more than 250 events, including parties, panels and workshops, also tied to the festival. You can learn how to execute your best possible audition, tell a story with your body, work with a talent agent, see live- action stunt demonstrations, and a lot more.

You might even meet actors from Sons of Anarchy, Friends and Indiana Jones. Leake says this film festival is different because it attracts a younger and more diverse audience.

"We tend to have more of a social environment. We do a lot of parties, we do a lot of networking. This year, we're flying in over 24 professionals from around the world."

A portion of the proceeds benefits Wild Salmon Center and Boys and Girls Club of Portland.


Through Sunday, November 5th, 2017


Southeast Portland


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