91-year-old woman's wheelchair, car stolen: 'Why do that to me?'

Edythe De La Rosa. (KATU)

STAYTON, Ore. (KATU) - Edythe De La Rosa lives at her home in Stayton with a caretaker. She relies on a wheelchair and walker to get around her home.

With the weekend storm heading to the Pacific Northwest, the 91-year-old said she loaded both her wheelchair and walker into her van to prepare for a quick evacuation.

The storm came and went, but Sunday she realized her van was gone.

“I don't understand how anyone, Christian or not, could do that to a person in my condition - or my age,” De La Rosa said.

De La Rosa had to save part of her Social Security checks for over a year in order to buy the wheelchair and walker.

“I was in seventh heaven, I could go anywhere!” De La Rosa remembered.

With the walker, De La Rosa was able to get around her home and tend to her flowers. Now, she is confined to a chair in her kitchen.

“My little walker was worth $1 million to me,” De La Rosa said.

De La Rosa has outlived her husband and six children. She says she feels even more alone without the ability to move around her home with ease.

“It's all the family I got, my family's all gone, I’m all alone,” De La Rosa said. “I can’t do much, my hands don't work, I’ve had a stroke ... why do that to me? What did I do to them?”

De La Rosa has called her insurance company, State Farm, which said she has a $1,000 deductible - money De La Rosa just doesn't have.

“I prayed very hard that I would wake up and my car would be sitting in the yard, she was like one of the family,” De La Rosa said.

De La Rosa is hoping to replace her car, walker and wheelchair. Her church has set up a GoFundMe account.

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