911 call: Cab driver says women were drunk, didn't want to pay

PORTLAND, Ore. - A cab driver accused of kicking two lesbians out of his cab and leaving them stranded on the freeway told a 911 dispatcher that they were drunk and didn't want to pay.

Kate Neal and Shanako Devoll said the Broadway Cab driver kicked them out of his cab last week along Interstate 84 for kissing in the back seat.

The city suspended the driver's license and Broadway Cab suspended him from work.

But the newly released 911 call obtained by KATU News late Tuesday night tells a different story.

"These people are really, really drunk," he tells the dispatcher. "They want to jump out of the car."

The dispatcher responds by asking the driver if he can get off the freeway and stop so his passengers can safely get out.

(Hear the unedited 911 call by clicking play on the "Listen" box)

"Right now, they told me to keep going, keep going," the driver responds.

Earlier in the phone call, he tells the dispatcher that he's driving east on Interstate 84 and throughout the call voices can be heard in the background.

At one point during the phone call the driver appears to panic and tells the dispatcher: "These people, they've opened the door. ... I'm going to pull off to the side of 84."

He tells the dispatcher he's stopped at I-84 at the ramp to I-205. The dispatcher asks him if there's anyone still in his cab.

"No! They jumped out onto the freeway! They're going to kill themselves here," he responds.

The women said they had to climb over a fence to get off the freeway.

In a text message to KATU, Neal said she and Devoll claimed from the beginning that the cab driver made false claims to police.

"There is video being reviewed by city investigators and we know with confidence the truth will prevail," Neal said. "This tape doesn't change our story because we are telling the truth."

Portland police said an officer did find the women that night but considered it a civil matter and did not file an official report.

Neal said that officer also gave the women a safe ride home.

KATU News has learned the driver's name is Ahmed Egal.