'A sad commentary on how the kids of today are behaving'

EUGENE, Ore. - Doorman Duck has been greeting residents of the Eugene Hotel retirement center since 2003.

"It leaves like a warm feeling in your heart," said resident Rita Kingsley.

"So much for that," Pearl Evans said.

Evans made Doorman Duck's Oregon cap with her own hands. "About two or three days of constant knitting," she said.

Residents are used to people coming in from off the street and posing for a picture with Doorman Duck, so they didn't think twice when they saw two young men walk right in - until one of them stole the Duck's hat.

"Took the hat, stuck it under his arm and left," said Judi Jackson, the retirement center manager.

Before resident Ruth Wade realized what had happened, the front desk clerk had bolted out the door in pursuit of the thieves.

"She was already out she just absolutely flew," Wade said.

The men got away with the hat.

"It's sad," Kingsley said. "It's a sad commentary on how the kids of today are behaving."

One theft would be bad enough, but this is the third hat-napping Doorman Duck has endured.

"They would never think of the emotional impact of the residents," Kingsley said.

Adding insult to injury, the crime occured in broad daylight.

No grudges here, however. These ladies just want the hat back.

"Drop it off," Evans said.

"Return that cap," Kingsley said.

Anyone with information about Doorman Duck's hat is asked to call (541) 343-8574.