After-Christmas shopping: Season doesn't end with holiday

That frantic shopping season isn't over yet. In fact, the day after Christmas is among the busiest shopping days of the year.

Blame gift cards, returns and bargain sales for the crowds.

Shoppers came out on Wednesday in full force. For some families, that was the day shopping started.

Take Jennifer Heikkila, who had to work all week. She showed up at the Toys R Us in Tigard to look for gifts for her 2-year-old daughter. For her, Christmas started Wednesday.

Was she ready to fight for some parking spots?

"I'm ready," Heikkila said. "I'm ready. I put my tennis shoes on. I'm ready to do some walking."

Shoppers, like Jasper Hanson, were taking advantage of the after-Christmas discounts, which run through Saturday. Those sales includes buy one video game, get another 40 percent off.

"We got here really early because we heard it opened at 8," Jasper said.

Jasper was digging his Lego gift cards.

"I have 80 dollars of money to spend," he said.

At the Target store it was a similar scene. Tara Garrett showed up looking for some deals.

"I got sucked into the cheap ornaments," she said. "Ornaments, lights, cards - kinda just a bunch of stuff I probably don't need, but it's so cheap, I can't help myself."

It's exactly what retailers want to hear: They spend and return -- and spend some more. The holiday season doesn't end with the holiday.