After his experience, Chief Marshman says he better understands internal investigations

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Portland Police Chief Mike Marshman has returned to his regular duties following a three-week internal investigation.

An investigation by the Bureau of Human Resources found Marshman clear of any wrongdoing when a lieutenant falsely signed him into a training session that the chief never attended. That lieutenant eventually told investigators the chief never ordered him to sign the log, and Mayor Ted Wheeler reinstated Marshman shortly thereafter.

Marshman said he can't talk about the specifics of the investigation, but said he understands why he was put on leave.

"It, it did. Yeah. Caught me off-guard," Chief Marshman said of how he reacted about the allegations.

Marshman says he understands why he was put on paid leave while being investigated.

"Internal legitimacy to me is very important. So that the process that the newest recruit can find themselves in, it's only fair that whoever at the time is the head of the organization, the same rules should apply. Now I think there are ways to work on that system and refine it," Marshman said.

He said he better understands the internal investigation process, both for those who are accused and those making allegations. He believes there are ways to improve and speed up that process.

Marshman says it was especially difficult because this is the longest stretch of time he's been away from police work since starting his career.

"It's a long three weeks. You know, I'd look at a newspaper, see a TV, right? And see what's happening in an organization. You do feel sidelined. You do, because you don't have a say in that moment," Marshman said.

Lt. Michael Leasure, an assistant to Chief Marshman and the person who investigators say put the chief's name on the training log, remains on paid leave as the investigation continues.

Chief Marshman says he doesn't know how long it may take the city to complete it's investigation.

Here's our full interview with the chief:

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