After review, Oregon finds almost 23,000 no longer qualify for Medicaid

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The state of Oregon said Thursday it has cleaned up member eligibility for Medicaid.

Gov. Kate Brown set an Aug. 31 deadline for the Oregon Health Authority to complete the cleanup following an “audit alert” issued by Secretary of State Dennis Richardson last May.

In that alert Richardson said there were about 86,000 people receiving Medicaid benefits but who may no longer be eligible for them. He said those people represented about 8 percent of the people in the state receiving Medicaid benefits at a cost of $37 million per month. There are just over 1 million Medicaid members in Oregon.

On Thursday, OHA said it completed 115,223 renewals under its cleanup "action plan" and found that 22,937 cases no longer qualified for Medicaid, accounting for just over 2 percent of members in the state. Those cases were closed out, according to OHA.

OHA said the renewals would not change the Medicaid forecast for the state’s two-year budget.

It also said all Medicaid members are now on a regular renewal schedule.

In Oregon, Medicaid is also known as the Oregon Health Plan.

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