After storms, Oregon's snowpack improves, more snow forecast for mountains

Side-by-Side Comparison: The snowpack in Oregon on Feb 8. (left) and the snowpack Feb. 26 after significant snow fell on the region. (Graphics: USDA)

While last week’s snow may have been a pain for some Portlanders, it was a godsend for the mountains.

The Cascades got several feet of new snow, which has gone a long way toward easing drought concerns.

On Feb. 8 the snowpack in the Mount Hood basin was 45 percent of average. And on the western slopes of the Cascades that feed into the Willamette River, it was 36 percent of average. On Monday, Feb. 26, it was 76 percent of average in the Mount Hood basin and 62 percent of average on the western slopes of the Cascades.

“We’ve almost doubled the snowpack in the last three weeks,” said KATU Meteorologist Dave Salesky. “We’re still behind our 2017 numbers, but we’ve made up a lot of ground, and there’s a lot of snow coming in in the forecast.”

How much snow? Salesky says as storms move in this week, by 11 p.m. Wednesday, another foot of snow is expected to have accumulated on Mount Hood around Timberline Lodge and Mt Hood Meadows.

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