Alleged accomplice in Wash. trooper slaying had 'tribute to killer'

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- Racist graffiti was labeled a "tribute to a killer" as the trial against a Kitsap County woman tied to a state trooper's murder concluded Thursday.

On the final day of testimony, the prosecutor showed jurors Megan Mollet's Facebook page, and a racist slogan she scrawled in her jail cell. The prosecutor says both are proof Mollet would do anything to help her friend, including lying to police.

As day two of her testimony began, Mollet stuck to her story about why she misled detectives when her friend murdered state trooper Tony Radulescu. Mollet, now 19, was in the truck when Josh Blake shot and killed Radulescu in February.

Mollet says she lied to police because Blake promised to kill her if she talked. Blake ultimately took his own life.

"He was just a crazed man at that point," Mollet testified. "He was not the Josh I grew up with."

But the prosecutor says Mollet's Facebook page shows her posing with Blake, and insists she lied to help her friend.

"Such good friends that your Facebook picture is a picture of you with Josh Blake? "asked prosecutor Tim Drury. Mollet answered yes.

The prosecutor also pointed to racist graffiti Mollet scrawled in her jail cell.

"It says, 'White power; RIP Josh Blake,' and then it has some dates," Mollet testified.

Mollet says she wrote "white power" because Blake always said it. The prosecutor says it's proof she didn't fear Blake would kill her and actually tried to shield him from the police manhunt.

"So that was kind of an homage to Josh in your jail cell?" Drury said. Mollet replied: "I guess, yeah."

As Radulescu's loved ones looked on, the defense attorney said his client had reason to fear for her life, and the officers who questioned her never offered any assurances she'd be safe.

"Did any one of those police officers ever tell you we can protect you?" asked Jonathan Morrison. Mollet said no.

Mollet is charged with rendering criminal assistance and lying to police, and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.