Anonymous donor adds $6,000 to fund for surgery on injured vet's dog

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. - Pepper the dog is getting her surgery, but that's not even close to the whole story.

A bunch of other animals will get veterinary care as well, thanks to donations that vastly exceed the money Pepper's owner - injured Army veteran Luke Hunt - needed to save his dog's leg after somebody shot her Tuesday.

On Thursday night, an anonymous donor paid $6,000 - the estimate for the entire bill - to the veterinarian's office where Pepper went in for surgery on Friday morning. She got out of surgery that night and is doing very well. She may be able to go home Saturday.

That money is in addition to the more than $13,000 a friend of Hunt's raised on a Go Fund Me page.

Hunt, who suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving as a medic in Afghanistan in June 2010, counts on Pepper for emotional support.

"It's weird to say this and I know my family understands this when I say this but she can't talk back, and she just lays there and listens to me," Hunt said Thursday. "I have more conversations with the things that I struggle with. Any nightmares I have, I wake up to her. She knows when I'm having a nightmare - I open my eyes and she's licking my face."

If you have any information on who shot Pepper, call the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.