At gunman's funeral, little insight into Jared Padgett's actions

GRESHAM, Ore. -- Family and friends held funeral services on Monday for Jared Padgett, the Reynolds High School student who shot and killed a classmate before taking his own life.

Padgett's family invited the public to the funeral on Monday at their Mormon Church in Gresham.

Around 100 people attend the service, which lasted about an hour and revealed little insight into what went so wrong in Jared's life.

Before services began, a close friend of the Padgett family said they asked him to apologize to the community and especially to the victim's family.

Padgett's family did not speak to reporters.

Dean Strommer, who also mentored Jared as a Boy Scout, revealed how Jared's father, Michael, learned his son was the shooter.

On the day of the shooting at Reynolds High School, Michael Padgett rushed to the crowded parking lot in Troutdale and waited alongside all the other anxious parents as they picked up their children who were evacuated from the school.

Jared never arrived.

It wasn't until several hours later, at 2:30 in the afternoon, that Michael Padgett received a phone call from police informing him that Jared was the gunman and had taken his own life.

"When they first saw [Jared's body], Michael took Jared's face in his hands, kneeled over him and asked, 'Why? Oh, my beloved son, why? what happened?' They are just as confused as everyone," said Strommer.

Inside the chapel, Jared's brother, Lucas, and brother-in-law, Andrew Cooper, delivered eulogies.

The service was open to the public although the church requested that television cameras be kept outside.

Lucas wore his military uniform and called his brother caring, loving and happy. He did not reference the shooting.

Cooper made only one brief reference to the shooting when he said he wished for answers although he accepted he will never get them.

He went on to describe Jared as "one of the greatest people" he's ever met, calling him a leader and a protector.

Cooper said he and his wife, Jared's sister, plan to name their soon-to-be-born baby after Jared.

Jared's parents did not speak during the funeral.

His father, Michael, told KATU on Sunday that he was devastated by Jared's actions and saw no warning signs or indications of what would happen.

Strommer said the same thing on Monday outside the church.

When he visited the Padgett's house a few days before the shooting, Strommer says Jared seemed to be in good spirits and even discussed his plans for Father's Day.