Athletic club employees say they aren't being paid on time

PORTLAND, Ore. - Some employees of a Bethany athletic club say they aren't getting paid on time.

They say the problems began when a new owner, former NFL player Sam Adams, took over the Bethany Athletic Club.

An employee named Brittany, who didn't want to give her last name, told KATU she's worked at the club for seven years, and she says her problems getting paid only started this spring after Adams bought the club and canceled direct deposit.

"I also one time got issued a live check, got called by one of my employees that I was on the check bounced list," she said. "My check was going to bounce if I put it in the bank."

Other employees who spoke with KATU but didn't want to show their faces said they had the same problems. They said their banks would not cash their checks without a one or two-day wait.

KATU spoke with the manager on duty at the club on Saturday. He said the club is doing fine and would not comment on the paycheck issue.

"It's really sad to see something like this happen," Brittany said. "(I'm) Very invested in the club. I believe in it."