Attack at the checkout counter a good thing

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A wandering gang may surprise you at the cash register of you favorite grocery or toy store in the next week. But that only means this group that calls itself "Practice Kindness" is going to cough up the dough for your bill.

For the past few weeks, the group has been going to different stores around Portland, letting the kids in the group pick the targets, then sliding a card to pay that person's tab.

They have a budget of $400, all donated money.

When that's gone, they go home for the night.

And decide were to go the next night.

Videos of the group are going viral on the Internet, and you can see them on the Practice Kindness facebook page.

While you can see their faces, members don't give their names.

The groups organizer says "it's not about us, and we're getting as much out of it as the people who get their stuff paid for."

Even days after helping out, he says "the kids won't take off their Practice Kindness T-shirts and won't stop talking about it with their parents."

And the reactions from the people in line, they're worth every penny.

We saw them while we were checking out the group's facebook page Monday morning.

We were surprised to see Gus McCaslin, head of maintenance at KATU, getting a gift for his granddaughter, and getting it paid for.

McCaslin says "they even carried it out to the car for me, it makes you want to go out and do the same thing for somebody else."

That's exactly what the group is hoping for.