Autistic Beaverton girl who went missing found in Gresham

GRESHAM, Ore. - A 12-year-old Beaverton girl who went missing Sunday night was found at 3:45 a.m. in Gresham.

Search crews were out in full force, utilizing K9 units and even an airplane in the search for Hailey Nory-Wilson, who is autistic.

Her stepfather said she got upset and stormed out of the hotel her family is staying in.

"It's like having the weight of the world lifted off, knowing she was safe," Kent Wilson said. "She wasn't out in this cold freezing to death, somebody weird hadn't gotten a hold of her."

Mike Rowe of the Beaverton police said in an email Monday morning that Nory Wilson rode the MAX to Gresham.

Police said Nory-Wilson was very upset when they tracked her down, so she was taken to a home in Beaverton in which the family usually lives. Wilson said the family is staying in the hotel because of legal issues with the state.