Autopsy: Boy died of wound to abdomen in accidental shooting

DONALD, Ore. - The 4-year-old boy who was accidentally shot and killed over the weekend died of a bullet wound to the abdomen, an autopsy revealed Monday.

Authorities haven't said exactly how the shot was fired and whether Cody Hall somehow got a gun inside his family's home or the gun went off some other way.

The boy was inside his family home in the 10000 block of Main Street NE at around 5:30 p.m. Saturday when the incident happened.

Neighbors say Cody's father got home from a fishing trip and had only been home for about five minutes - unpacking from the trip - when the shooting happened.

According to the Marion County Sheriff's Office, the shooting was accidental.

Investigators spent part of Monday interviewing Cody's parents, and interviews with others tied to the shooting will last at least through Tuesday.

Neighbors told KATU News that Cody's father was extremely protective of his son. He wouldn't even let the boy play in the seldom-used gravel alley behind their home.

"Very loving family with their kids," said Art Wiles. "Very careful with their kids - like, you know, the little boy started to stray away from the truck for a second, dad had him."

Once the investigation into the fatal shooting is finished, the Marion County Sheriff's Office will forward its information to the district attorney. The DA will decide whether anyone should face criminal charges in this case.

Cody was enrolled in morning preschool at North Marion Primary School. Grief counselors were at the school Monday and counseled 25 students during the day.

They also read a statement to students:

"When we hear someone died we feel a lot of different things. ... Sometimes we feel sad, sometimes we feel scared, sometimes we don't feel anything right away ... knowing that Cody has died makes a very sad time for adults at school as well as a sad time for many students."

Donald has a population of about 1,000 and is north of Woodburn.