Awesome Day is coming to Portland on Saturday

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The time to prove your awesomeness is nigh, Portlanders.

After a 2012 declaration by then-Mayor Sam Adams, April 26 was dubbed the city of Portland's official Awesome Day.

Adam Zucker, a trustee with the Portland chapter of The Awesome Foundation, said April 26 is a day to celebrate everything awesome about Portland.

"Awesome is whatever you want it to be," Zucker said. "Anything that makes you put a smile on people's faces or just makes Portland a better place is awesome in my mind."

The Awesome Foundation is a global group that gives out $1,000 grants to fund people's awesome ideas.

In Portland, you might have seen some of them: Tiny pianos cropping up around town; a viewfinder that changes how you see billboards; an urban garden at an elementary school.

"The type of projects we have are kind of arty-whimsical on one side of the scale to the feel-good, really great for the community," Zucker said.