Barn owl euthanized after being found hurt in the road

CORRECTION: Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies originally said the owl was an endangered spotted barn owl, and that it had been saved. They later said that the species has been misidentified, that the owl was not a member of an endangered species and that the owl had been euthanized.

HUBBARD, Ore. - Veterinarians euthanized a barn owl that was found hurt in the road in Hubbard early Monday morning, Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies said.

Canby's Savana Biggart and Aurora's Jessica Montgomery saw the owl's eyes shining on Barlow Road as they were driving home from Silverton just after 3 a.m. They turned around to see what it was and found the owl, which couldn't fly.

Biggart and Montgomery figured the owl had a broken wing, so they called the non-emergency police number.

A deputy took the owl to an emergency veterinarian, which stabilized it and took it to the Audubon Society.

The owl had a dislocated shoulder and had to be euthanized.