Barn owned by cat moved to new home

TANGENT, Ore. - A barn in Tangent left to a cat by the owner when he died may have nine lives of its own.

John Bass' barn became famous when Bass willed it to his beloved cat named "Kitty Kat."

Bass died in 1983. Kitty Kat died in 1993 and was buried on the grounds.

The barn, which faced destruction, was moved inch by inch by a truck to its new site on a neighbors' property on Saturday.

"You try to preserve that and I think it's very important," said Tangent resident Lora Novak.

Former KATU News reporter Pat Wilkins, who visited the barn in 1987, returned Saturday for the historic move.

"I was always intrigued by the fact that Bass left his entire estate to a cat," Wilkins said.

The barn had to be moved because the funds Bass left for upkeep ran out years ago. The City of Tangent could no longer afford to pay for it to remain on the property.

Neighbor Beth Timmons offered to pick up the tab to move the barn across the street to her property, knowing local history was coming along for the ride.

"I just like how many new friends, new relationships we've made with this and I think that it's just going to continue on," Timmons said. "I'm really excited now."

The barn will stay on its wheels until a new foundation is built.