Beaverton considers medical pot shop ban

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Beaverton became the eighth city in Oregon to begin considering a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries on Tuesday.

A plan up for discussion at the city's regular council meeting proposed two options: One would require dispensaries registered within the city to pay a licensing fee. The other option would ban all medical marijuana facilities within Beaverton city limits.

Council members did not make a decision during the meeting.

"It's just an examination of the issue, what's being discussed in other communities around Oregon and looking at all sides," said city spokeswoman Holly Thompson.

Oregon cities are reacting to a state law that will enable medical marijuana businesses to register with the state beginning in March. But marijuana is illegal under federal law, a conflict city officials at jurisdictions across the state have pointed to when proposing local bans.

Medford was one of the first cities to take action, banning dispensaries in September. Grants Pass has also begun to discuss the issue.

Madras and Metolius in eastern Oregon banned dispensaries late last year.

Hillsboro passed a temporary 120-day ban in January.

Sherwood and Tualatin have also begun to discuss marijuana bans within city limits.