Benson Tech students march to protect sports programs

PORTLAND,Ore. -- More than a hundred Benson Tech students marched from their campus to the Portland Public Schools headquarters to send a message.

They are worried about losing their football program, and some fear the entire sports department could be eliminated.

Those fears began after the Portland Interscholastic League announced all schools would be moving to class 6A, pitting smaller schools like Benson against the largest schools in the state.

Benson junior varsity football coach John Slaughter organized the march because he's convinced the decision has already been made to cut the football program.

"Sports is a big part of a student's life in high school. When they talk about taking it away that's a shame. No school should have to worry about sports being taken away from their kids," Slaughter said.

The district admits there could be changes to programs at all its high schools but it says no decisions have been made yet.

The district did not provide a timeline of when those decisions will be announced.