Blame game continues over state sending personal info to ex-husband

PORTLAND, Ore- We're not going to show her face, give her name or say where she lives, because we don't want to make the same mistake a woman says the Oregon Department of Justice made.

"I'm not asking for compensation, I'm just asking for the system to be fixed so it doesn't happen again," the woman said.

She says this all started a few years ago when her then husband, Andrey Ceron-Tapia starting abusing her.

She got a divorce and restraining order against him.

He's been paying child support ever since until she requested the amount be raised. He appealed.

"When he asked for that appeal I had to submit my taxes, since I am self-employed. That is how he got my address because they did not black out the address or Social Security Number. We've had reviews on this and they always black out these numbers. This is the first time they've had an oops and didn't black that out," she said.

But the Department of Justice sent us a statement saying in part, "There seems to have been some confusion about the form (which this woman) believed she provided to the child support program, but the program has re-sent her the appropriate forms to be returned to our office."

But she says the damage has been done. Now Ceron-Tapia has all her information, even her children's Social Security numbers.

She can't even request another restraining order because she doesn't have his address. He only has hers.

"At night it's really hard when every creak you hear, you get up ten times to check the doors to make sure everything's locked. You go through the rooms making sure kids are OK. It's been really unpleasant the last few days," she said.

She says she's not interested in a lawsuit; she just wants the system changed so the same mistake doesn't happen twice.