Blazer fans pack sports bars to watch stunning ending to playoffs' first round

PORTLAND, Ore. - Many Blazer fans who couldn't get into Moda Center for Friday night's game six nailbiting win spent the evening in the next best place: anywhere with a big screen.

Blitz sports bar in Southeast Portland was packed with fans of all ages. One of the Blazer's youngest fans was front-and-center.

"It's my favorite sport. I've been playing since I was two years-old," said Oscar Christiansen.

He's now 11, and lives and breathes Blazers basketball, a boy with Rip City fever. His dad, Lasse, brought him and his younger sister, Lila, to Blitz for dinner and the game.

Oscar's eyes join thousands on the Blazers who made the first playoff series against the Houston Rockets a true contest on the road the title.

"Portland has waited a long time. With Lillard and Aldridge, and the rest of the players on the team, Mo Williams, I mean, they are a very top level team now," said Lasse Christiansen.

The Game 6 win didn't come without hard work, playoff wins and losses.

"Up and down. It's been up and down," Oscar said.

All the back-and-forth paid off.

"Everyone's going to sleep tonight happy," Oscar said.

He also has some thoughts about what's next.

"That means we're going to the next round. We can only pray to play Dallas," Oscar explained.

He's also praying, like Blazer fans everywhere, that the "W's" keep on coming.