Bogus rape, kidnapping report ties up Gresham police

GRESHAM, Ore. - Fiction was stranger than reality this time.

Responding to a report that a woman was being held at gunpoint and threatened with rape, Gresham police surrounded a building off SE 182nd and Stark early Monday morning.

The story, as it turned out, was entirely fabricated, according to a police spokesman.

"Happy ending, nobody was hurt, nobody got raped but we tied up a lot of resources to find that out," said Gresham Police Department spokesman Lt. Claudio Grandjean.

All available Gresham units were called in, as well units from neighboring departments, in an effort to seal off the area.

Grandjean said the man who made the report had been drinking with another man and woman when an argument broke out. When the man was asked to leave, he threatened to call police with the fabricated story.

The man left, called 911 and said he was forced out at gunpoint because the other man planned to rape the woman.

When police arrived, the woman said that, while there was a gun on the premises, no such threats were ever made.

Grandjean said the man who called 911 may be charged with making a false report.