Boring gets boost with help of social media, 'secret concert'

BORING, Ore. - It was pretty, well, boring here Wednesday afternoon. There was no sign there were several well-known musicians in town getting ready to perform to an evening crowd of fans.

If you're in your teens or 20s and live here, you probably heard about it and the campaign called, "Make Boring Brilliant." On Twitter, the hash tag "Make Boring Brilliant" was all over the place.

And while many people seemed to be talking about the surprise concert, no one really knew much about it.

The one thing that everyone did seem to know was that the buzz on the show was the excitement in this small town. Barista Haley Wilson heard about it from customers but didn't get a ticket.

"I didn't hear about it soon enough," she said. "So I wish I would've heard about it sooner."

Matt and Kim are two of the musicians who will play at the concert. They're excited to be in Boring, coming all the way from Brooklyn, New York. They may even be feeling, perhaps, a little more pressure than at a bigger venue.

"We're fans of Oregon. We've been coming to Portland for a while. We've gone to Eugene. We've played there," said Matt.

"I feel like we were just in Eugene maybe a month ago. I think we can set up residency here," said Kim.

"But you know Boring is a town I did not expect to be playing in, for sure," Matt said.

I will say I was a little scared. There's a lot more nature here than there is in Brooklyn, New York," Kim said.

Only 240 people scored tickets to the show after they replied to an email address just a few weeks ago.

While the whole thing was designed to promote the drink, Vitamin Water, it certainly has stressed the power of social media as there are now thousands of tweets with the hash tag "Make Boring Brilliant."