Bottoms up! Portland celebrates Widmer Bros' best-seller with 'Hefe Day'

Widmer Brothers hefe 2.png

Portland-based Widmer Brothers Brewing will be honored with an official city holiday Sunday with "Hefe Day."

The proclamation honors Rob and Kurt Widmer's contribution to the city's craft brewing industry. The brothers began home brewing back in 1979, and five years later, moved into a brewery on NW Lovejoy.

They will be honored on May 15, 2016 which marks 30 years since the brothers delivered their first keg of hefeweizen to the Dublin Pub.

"Portland has just been so supportive of what we're doing," Kurt Widmer said. "The beer drinkers here know the difference between a good beer and a bad beer, so it's just such a delight."

Widmer's best-selling Hefe beer will be celebrated at Pioneer Courthouse Square Sunday starting at noon.

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