Boys, 12, accused of throwing rocks from freeway overpass

WOODBURN, Ore. -- Two 12-year-old boys are charged with throwing rocks from an overpass onto Interstate 5, one of which hit and damaged a pickup truck, Woodburn police said.

Police said the boys were on the Woodburn I-5 overpass at about 8 p.m. Wednesday, throwing rocks. One of the rocks hit the front windshield of a vehicle, causing damage, police said.

No one was hurt by the rocks that were the size of a baseball.

It happened while Megan Salasberry of Eugene and her husband were driving from the Portland area back home when they spotted the two boys on the overpass. They thought they saw the boys throw something, but didn't know what until their truck was hit.

The impact made a loud crack sound.

"They're just lucky it didn't cause a bigger accident," Salasberry said. "If I'd been going a little bit faster and that rock was a little bit bigger that rock would have come through and we would be going to the emergency room. It wouldn't have just been property damage."

Salasberry was pretty angry over the situation.

"What were they thinking? And the thing that's frustrating is that when we go there and they were in custody, police officers said they had been caught throwing things over before -- something similar -- they just hadn't hit a car," she said. "So I think these kids didn't really care if they caused an accident. They're at an age where they can comprehend what they're doing."

Officers responded and found the boys who matched the suspects' description provided by Salasberry.

The boys were charged with first-degree throwing objects off of overpass and second-degree criminal mischief. They were then released to their parents.