Breastfeeding mothers protest request to 'cover up'

PORTLAND, Ore. - When a restaurant employee told Erin Klein to "cover up" while breastfeeding her child last week, Klein was not happy, but she never thought it would draw so much attention.

A few days later, dozens of women came in support to breastfeed at the very same Ram Restaurant near Clackamas Town Center, to get the restaurant to change how it treats mothers who breastfeed.

Erin Klein told KATU, "We just want to be able to go out when we don't feel like cooking. We want for other mothers to be able to do it as well and know they don't have to be treated any differently than anybody else."

A marketing manager with the Ram Restaurant, Mark Shermerhorn, told KATU, "We are aware now of the federal state and local laws. We looked at this as an opportunity to train our people and to update them as we move forward and will be better."