Bullet or pellet hits school bus inches from driver; kids OK

NEAR ST. PAUL, Ore. - Marion County Sheriff's Deputies are looking into who may have fired a shot that hit a school bus Wednesday in Marion County.

The object left a spider-web crack in the bus' driver-side windshield but did not go through the glass. It hit about ten inches above the driver's head.

The bus was on the St. Paul Highway at about 1 p.m. when the driver heard the impact, deputies said.

There were two elementary school students on the bus at the time. No injuries were reported and investigators said the driver was able to complete the route "with no further issues."

Senior Deputy David Wagner investigated the area where the incident occurred and said the driver didn't see anyone nearby at the time. The area where the object hit the bus is "very open and flat," according to deputies.

It's likely the projectile was a small-caliber bullet or a round from a pellet gun and it may have been fired from a long distance away and unintentionally struck the bus, deputies said.

Anyone with information can call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 503-588-5032, or email Deputy Wagner at