Bullet rips through home: 'It could have killed somebody'

MOLALLA, Ore. - Jessica and Jennifer Bush returned to a shocking discovery at their Molalla home on Sunday.

"Realized there was a bullet hole straight through that wall," said Jessica.

A bullet shattered the glass in their front door, went through a wall and lodged itself in their freezer.

"It's a good probably two inches," she said.

It happened during the five hours the two women were out on Sunday. No one was home at the time.

During her interview with KATU News, Jessica grabbed a knife and dug the bullet out of the freezer.

"It's heavy," she said. "A lot heavier than I thought it would be."

Without the freezer, the bullet would have gone through another wall and hit their grandmother's dishes.

Jessica said a Clackamas County sheriff's deputy came to their home to investigate. She plans to give him the bullet.

The women have insurance, but said they need to get a new refrigerator and custom door.

They are still wondering who did this, and why. They're hoping it was a neighbor messing around, and someone will come forward to admit they fired the shot.

"We're realizing where it would hit and if it went through the door and a wall and into the refrigerator freezer, it could have killed somebody," said Jessica.