Bullying at Portland middle school must stop, mother says

PORTLAND, Ore. - Fiona Gladden said she was as shocked as any parent would be, but at the same time, she wasn't surprised.

Her son was beaten up at Beaumont Middle School last month. She said an escalating case of bullying put her son in the hospital.

"They put the school on lockdown," said Gladden. "He was in an ambulance on his way to the ER."
Gladden said a bully unleashed a punch to her son Aiden's face and he was out cold.

"I'm surprised, quite frankly, that with the warnings leading up to Aiden being attacked, that they weren't more productive," she said.

Gladden wants bullying permanently banned from school. She says other parents have been vocal for some time about a culture of bullying at Beaumont.

"We sort of get the feeling that we're getting the runaround a little bit."

In response, Gladden said there was a meeting Wednesday afternoon between school leaders and select parents - A meeting she didn't know about, but planned to attend anyway.

"I don't want nice, warm fuzzy words," she said. "I want action and I want to know what measurable action will be taken next year."