Burglary suspects practically walk into arms of police

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Tom Lancaster heard a loud thump in the middle of the night.

He climbed out of bed and walked over to his large living room windows overlooking the Willamette River in University Park.

That's where he says he saw two men running toward his neighbor's house.

It happened around 1 a.m. on Saturday.

"I saw them fooling around outside. It looked like they were trying to break in," said Lancaster, who called 911.

Portland Police showed up a few minutes later. Court documents released Monday detail how officers watched Carl Washington and Marcus Rushfeldt, both 22, as they rifled through jewelry boxes, pocketed belongings, and even tried to lift a safe out of the closet.

Lancaster was watching. too. He saw the whole thing from his bedroom window.

"Police were very quiet. I didn't hear them coming. I didn't hear their cars. I didn't see them. They must have parked down the street and walked in."

Meanwhile, Lancaster says he saw the men passing stolen objects down from the deck behind the house.

"I saw one of them on the upstairs balcony throwing objects like purses and cameras to the other man in the yard below," he told KATU News.

Police say the suspects broke into the house while the homeowners were sleeping.

When officers arrived, they confronted Washington and Rushfeldt at the back of the house. Rushfeldt was taken into custody, but Washington ran. He was met at the side of the house by an officer with her Taser drawn. He dropped several items, and finally dropped to the ground and gave up.

The homeowner identified the items Washington and Rushfeldt dropped and were carrying in their pockets as her property.

Officers arrested both men and charged them with first-degree burglary.