Bus runs over stroller, drives away - will anyone be punished?

CAMAS, Wash. - A Camas mother filed a report with C-Tran alleging a bus ran over her new stroller while she was holding her toddler over it.

Amanda Keating wants her stroller replaced. She wants the driver punished.

C-Tran might not do either.

"I was getting off the bus with my son, Lucas, and I pulled the stroller off and I unclipped it so it was put together," Keating said.

You can see Keating doing just that in surveillance video from C-Tran bus 92. The video was captured around 5:40 p.m. as Keating and her 2-year-old son got off the bus in Camas.

What you can't see in the video is what Keating said happened next, as she was trying to buckle Lucas into his stroller.

"The stroller just rolled away and went right underneath the bus. And the front wheel got caught with the back wheel of the bus. The bus driver just kept on going and didn't stop," Keating said.

Lucas isn't injured, but Keating said she was shaken up.

"I was kind of freaked out," she said. "If my son would have been in it, you know what would have happened to my son."

The stroller is destroyed. One of the rear wheels is bent, the front is cracked, and the front wheel was ripped off.

"These bars that are under here are supposed to come out further to hold the wheel in place," she said.

Keating received the stroller as a Christmas gift. She said it's the only way she has to get her son around, since she doesn't own a car.

"First time I get to use it, the bus runs it over," she said.

She also said she put the brake on while the stroller was on the curb, before she lifted Lucas near the seat.

But it's her word against C-Tran, since the surveillance video doesn't show any sort of impact. C-Tran doesn't dispute the bus hit the stroller, but they are questioning whether the driver could have done anything differently.

"From what we can tell, the stroller rolled off the curb and maybe got wedged between the bus and the curb. We don't know for sure," said spokesman Jim Quintana.

Quintana also said the driver didn't realize he ran over the stroller, and he has a clean record.

"You want operators being as safe as they can, certainly. And if there's something to be learned here we want the operator to know," Quintana said.

Keating doesn't buy that the driver didn't know he ran over her stroller.

"I'm pretty sure that he knew what happened because when he ran over the whole bus tipped up and there were two people in the back of the bus who looked at me," Keating said.

She filed a report with the transit company 20 minutes later. She wants the driver punished, and C-Tran to replace her stroller.

Quintana said C-Tran might not replace the stroller, and they might not punish the driver since the incident appears to be an accident. Keating said C-Tran has informed her of that possibility.

C-Tran will review the surveillance video from the bus, as well as Keating's report and a report the bus driver has been asked to write about his account of what happened. Supervisors interviewed that driver Friday night.

C-Tran expects to make a decision by the end of next week.

Keating said she's going to contact an attorney if doesn't place her stroller.