Business owner picking up the pieces after truck slams into her office

Van crashes into building along 82nd Ave at E Burnside - KATU photo - 3.jpg

The owner of a Southeast Portland travel agency is forced to work from home after a truck driver loses control and slams into the side of her business.

Angelica Zamora heard it was bad before she arrived to work Wednesday.

"Oh my God. It's just everything all over the floor, everything," says Zamora, describing what she saw inside her business. She never expected that much damage.

"Dust everywhere, passports all over the place. Paperwork, my computers," she said.

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The driver of a box truck somehow lost control, and clipped a telephone pole before slamming into the side of "People Travel" Agency on Southeast 82nd Avenue. The crash knocked out the power to the signal on SE 82nd at Burnside, slowing traffic down for the morning commute.

"I just feel horrible, what am I going to do, you know? I'm not going to be able to work," Zamora says.

KATU talked to a witness who was looking south down SE 82nd. She described the truck "barreling down" the road before losing control. On scene, the driver was walking around. Officers handed the driver what appeared to be a citation, but police couldn't confirm what he was cited for. They also wouldn't say what may have caused the driver to lose control.

"I am very upset," Zamora says of the driver.

The travel agent has a lot of clients.

"I have all the paperwork I need to find, to give it to my customers. Like some, they were supposed to come later today to pick them up," she said.

Zamora says she has insurance, she just hopes it's enough to cover the damage.

"They're just going to have to replace everything because the foundation was pretty damaged."

After she gets the place secured, she's going to try and work.

"I guess I'm going to have to do something from home - for now," Zamora says.

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