Can these funky glasses help your posture? Inventor thinks so

PORTLAND, Ore. - Do you suffer from tech neck - that hunched over, bent neck stance we all take when looking at our electronic devices?

Check out the latest invention from a guy you might have seen on ABC's Shark Tank last year. That's when Matt Franklin and a partner reached a deal with the sharks for a posture correction device called Posture Now.

Franklin is back with a new invention - a set of eyeglasses also aimed at helping your posture.

"There have been research studies about how the head forward posture is really causing people problems and injury and long-term pain," he said.

The concept for the i90 Heads-up Tablet and Smartphone Glasses is hard to grasp at first - your head is focused straight ahead, your cell phone or tablet is down in your lap, but your eyes are seeing what's on the screen clearly (via prisms). And the glasses are surprisingly comfortable.

There's no doubt they look weird and perhaps a little foreign. But there are folks who seem to think they're pretty awesome.

"When I'm on the plane and people see me sitting here with my head back, but looking down and watching something on a phone, or something on an iPad, they tap my shoulder and say 'what are those?' said Franklin. "The reaction's always the same - 'wow, I need a pair of these.' "

Don't get too excited, though - you can't buy these glasses just yet. Franklin is asking for help on Kickstarter to get the first batch produced.