Car ends up in yard after crash in Northeast Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A SUV slams into a sedan at NE 72nd Ave. and Mason St. and ends up plowing through the yard of a Northeast Portland home, screeching to a halt just inches away from the home.

"It was a crash and noise and scraping. I walked out and was shocked to see that car in my yard. It just didn't connect," Karen Riley-Cummings told KATU News. She called 911 while her husband Ray, went to check on the driver still inside the Mazda SUV.

Nacncy Neher was driving south on SE 72nd Ave. when she said she saw the SUV coming at her sedan travelling west on Mason St. "She was going west, and when I realized she wasn't going to stop I didn't have enough time to react," Neher told KATU.

"I spun 180 degrees," Neher said.

Neher was a little sore, but surprised she wasn't badly hurt. The driver of the SUV was also able to go home after the crash.

Police were on scene, but did not issue any citations at the time of the crash.

Attempts to contact the SUV driver involved in the crash were unsuccesful.