Car vandals strike hard in Beaverton

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- Chris Patterson doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.

He loves working on his truck, but this isn't the project he had in mind.

Just four months ago he spent $1,400 on new all-terrain tires, but now he's just glad he saved the old ones.

"Hopefully they catch the guy and take care of him," Patterson said.

All four of his tires were slashed, along with the tires on seven other cars in a parking lot off Southwest Hall in Beaverton.

Police say a man on foot did it all around 4 a.m. Saturday.

"He went around really casually to each tire then the next car. He had something in his hand, I couldn't tell it was a knife, you can see puncture marks on my tires," Patterson said after reviewing surveillance video.

Patterson hopes police catch the guy. In the meantime though, he won't be leaving this truck here overnight again.

Police don't have much suspect information to go on so call them if you know anything about this crime.