Cat found impaled on cemetery fence

OREGON CITY, Ore. - Angela Jones and her husband Ken often walk by the Mountain View Cemetery to pay their respects.

"It's always quiet there," said Angela.

The cemetery is just up the street from their home. The couple walked their dogs to look at construction of a new cemetery memorial on Saturday when they were hit with a horrible sight.

"I looked again as I walked closer and it was a cat," said Angela.

A dead cat was impaled on the wrought iron fence surrounding the cemetery.

"(Someone) stuck it on that spear of that pole," Angela said.

"It's so disturbing to think some human being would put a cat up there," said Ken. "A defenseless cat."

Oregon City police are investigating the case. They believe someone beat the cat before sticking it on the fence because they found blood nearby.

There are no trees near the spot where the cat was found on the tall fence.

"I'm kind of wondering if they thought it was even funnier in their sick head," said Angela.

The couple took photos for evidence, then called police. They hope someone who knows something will come forward before it can happen again.

Police said they turned the cat's body over to the Oregon Humane Society for a necropsy to determine the cause of death and whether the body has a microchip.

The cat is described as a black, brown and gray tabby, police said. Anyone with information about the cat's death is asked to call the Oregon City police tip line at 503-496-1616.

Ken and Angela Jones said the image of the dead cat is stuck in their minds.

"I don't even want to know of an animal in pain," Angela said.

"Every time we come here, we're going to think about that," said Ken. "Never seen anything like this in my life, never want to see anything like it again."

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