Caught on camera: Momma seal gives birth at marina

SEATTLE, Wash. - A Seattle marina became a birthing station for a seal - and the delivery was caught on camera.

It all happened Monday morning at Elliott Bay Marina. Harbormaster Brian Kaloper was the first to notice what was going on when he came in to work around 8:30 a.m.

"I looked down the dock and noticed there was a seal, which for that particular dock was odd because there's so much foot traffic there," he said. "I just thought it was kind of odd."

Kaloper went inside to his office to review some of the security camera footage and that's when he realized what the seal was doing there.

"I told everyone in the office - this thing is giving birth," he said. "It was pretty incredible."

Kaloper shared video of the birth on YouTube and it quickly started making the rounds on the Internet.

So how are momma and her baby doing today?

"One of our dock hands saw them this morning and the pup was riding around on mom's back and just having a great time," Kaloper said.