Cayla Wilson's mom testifies in suit against Portland, Clackamas Co.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The mother of Cayla Wilson on Monday took the stand in her family's $30 million lawsuit against the city of Portland and Clackamas County.

The Wilson family wants the county corrections department held responsible for the car crash that left Cayla in a vegetative state. They say the man who caused it, Jack Whiteaker, should have been in jail at the time because he had several known parole violations.

Denise Wilson testified about what her daughter has had to go through since that accident.

"Cayla went through so much. Her jaw had to be wired for more than eight weeks. She had three fractures in her jaw, I observed. I also observed my daughter had to have her skull partially removed and then put back in," Wilson said.

Cayla Wilson was pregnant at the time of the crash and gave birth in the hospital. Her daughter suffered developmental problems from her injuries. Whiteaker is serving 11 years in prison after his conviction last year.