Cities ask residents to stay home Sunday

The City of Portland wants you to stay inside.

Officials sent out an "emergency alert" Saturday night urging residents to "stay home, do not travel because of hazardous road conditions caused by freezing rain. Max system, Portland Streetcar both shut down. Public transportation no longer reliable.

"City warns of hazardous conditions on sidewalks."

And, in case there was any doubt about how serious they were, the alert was all in capital letters."

It was issued shortly after Max and Portland Streetcar both halted their service, something that had never been done on a system-wide level, according to a spokeswoman for Trimet.

The City of Beaverton, meanwhile, also issued an appeal for people to stay home until the weather clears a bit.

"Our public works team is working tirelessly to counter the efforts of the winter storm and make beaverton's streets safer," said mayor Denny Doyle in a statement. "Peter Arellano, our public works director, has even been out plowing until 2AM each night to help our crews as they deal with this challenge."